The Unity and Diversity of Christ’s Beautiful Bride, Part One

Taken from Dr. David Murray’s chapter in The Beauty and Glory of Christ’s Bride

Unity and diversity are biblical words that have been stolen by the world – the wordly church as well as the wordly world – emptied of biblical meaning, and filled with all kinds of false and perverse ideas. I want to reclaim these precious words and refill them with biblical meaning.

The Unity of Christ’s Bride

The idea of Christian unity has been so perverted over the years by liberal Christianity that there is considerable confusion, both inside and outside the church, about what it is. Another sad consequence is that those who are orthodox have overreacted to the abuses by rarely speaking about Christian unity, except to criticize it, and even more rarely working for it. However, we must not let the precious vocabulary and principles of Christian unity fall into neglect or be stolen form us by those who have deliberately twisted and misused them.

Firstly, we must distinguish six types of Christian unity

  1. Spiritual unity is the unity that all Christians have in Christ. We may differ in a multitude of ways, yet all those who are truly born again are united to Christ by His Holy Spirit and, through Him, to one another.
  2. Doctrinal unity is oneness on what we believe the Bible to teach, usually defined by one of the historic confessions of faith, such as the Belgic Confession or the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  3. Practical unity is unity in what we understand to be the implications and practical applications of the doctrines on which we agree. The unity we aspire to is agreement among Christians and churches on what the Christian life and church life should look like.
  4. Experiential unity is oneness in our experience of salvation and the Lord’s communion with us. We all know Christians to whom we can confide about spiritual things because they believed the same things we do regarding the importance of the Holy Spirit’s work in convicting us of sin, drawing us to Christ, regenerating us, and so on.
  5. Liturgical unity is agreement as to how we understand worship to be conducted both in spirit and content.
  6. Ecclesiastical unity might also be called institutional unity. It is the unity that different churches formally and officially enjoy at a denominal level, or more locally and informally on a congregational love.

Why not use the six types of Christian unity to examine yourself and your church, locally and denominationally, to see if there are any areas where you can pursue Christian unity more zealously and wisely?

Comments on Unity

Here are several observations about these six types of unity.

  1. The greatest and closest unity is when we can enjoy all six kinds of unity in the greatest degree. It really is one of the highest human blessings on earth to experience this kind of fellowship with God’s people.
  2. We can have the five outward kinds of unity without spiritual unity. There can be doctrinal, practical, liturgical, and ecclesiastical unity without any spiritual unity, that is, without one or both parties being spiritually united to Christ.
  3. If there is no unity in areas 2-6, then we have to question if there is any spiritual unity. Not everyone who names the name of Christ is a Christian.
  4. There can be spiritual unity without much of the other five kinds of unity. Although it is worrying when we differ so much from other Christians in areas 2-6, it is not necessary to conclude that they are not united to Christ. As someone has said when we get to heaven, we’ll be surprised at who is there, even more surprised at who is not there, and most surprised of all that we are there.
  5. We are obliged to work toward unity on both a personal and ecclesiastical level. What are you and I doing to advance and improve unity among Christians on a personal level and on a church level? Christ prayed for the unity of His people in John 17. What are you doing to answer Christ’s prayer?
  6. We can enjoy more Christian unity on a personal level than on an institutional or ecclesiastical level. Christians can probably enjoy closer fellowship with other Christians who are different than churches can – it is just much simpler and easier in a personal and informal manner to accept and work with remaining differences than it is on an institutional and formal level.
  7. We must distinguish between primary and secondary matters if we are to enjoy unity in the church. All truth is important, but not all truth is equally important. If we say it’s all or nothing – if he/she.they don’t agree with me on everything, then I will totally separate from them and can enjoy no fellowship with them – that is going to make for a very lonely, if not a solitary, life.
  8. Christian unity is glorious and beautiful. Christian disunity, unnecessary as it is, is an ugly blot on the bride of Christ. It is an offense to God, but it is also an offense to the world and creates one of the greatest hindrances to evangelism.

Christians working hard to unite in love of the truth and of one another is the most compelling and persuasive argument to the world: “See how they love one another”.

Read Part 2 on the diversity of Christ’s Bride next week. 

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Light out of Darkness

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. – Genesis 1:3–4


It was proper that the light, by which the world was to be adorned with excellent beauty, should be created first. It was not by inconsideration or by accident that the light preceded the sun and the moon. We are prone to tie the power of God to those instruments which he employs. The sun and moon supply us with light. According to our notions, we so value their power to give light that if they were taken away from the world, it would seem impossible for any light to remain. But the Lord, by the very order of creation, holds the light, which he imparts to us without the sun and moon. Further, it is certain from the context that he created the light to be interchanged with darkness.

And God saw the light. Moses introduces God here as surveying his work that he might take pleasure in it. But Moses also does that to teach us that God has made nothing without reason and design. We ought not to understand these words as if God did not know that his work was good till it was finished. But the meaning of the passage is that the work, such as we now see it, was approved by God. Therefore nothing remains for us but to acquiesce in this judgment of God. This admonition is useful. For whereas man ought to apply all his senses to admiring contemplation of the works of God, we see what license he allows himself in detracting from them.

FOR MEDITATION: God’s creative power should never cease to amaze us. He speaks and light immediately exists. We commonly take light for granted and attribute its presence entirely to the means by which God provides it. But we should rather see it as a blessing from our Father and, as Calvin says, apply all our senses in admiring contemplation of it.

– Taken from 365 with Calvin 

Review – Fighting Satan

Review of Fighting Satan by Dave Jenkins

fightingSpiritual warfare is a topic that many Christians struggle to understand. It’s no surprise that this particular issue is so misunderstood in the Church today, since we live in a culture that promotes new age, occultism, and more. In certain quarters of the Church, a form of spiritual warfare exists that in my opinion that promotes the work of Satan and demons over the supremacy of Christ. It is for this and many other reasons, I was excited to read Fighting Satan Knowing His Weaknesses, strategies, and Defeat by Dr. Joel Beeke.

In this book which has four parts, the author explores in part one knowing the enemy: the personality and history of Satan. Here he looks at Satan in the Bible and in church history. In part two, the author considers knowing’s Satan’s weaknesses: fighting Satan offensively and defensively. In part three, the author helps readers understand Satan’s strategies and skill, and confronting four major strategies of Satan. In the final part of the book, the author considers the relevance of spiritual warfare on our lives as believers, church members, and citizens.


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365_days_with_calvin365 Days With Calvin

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A unique collection of 365 readings from the writings of John Calvin, selected and edited by Joel R Beeke.

John Calvin exercised a profound ministry in Europe, and is probably one of the most seminal thinkers ever to have lived. A godly pastor, theologian and preacher, he led his flock by example and worked hard to establish consistent godliness in his city. A prolific writer, his sermons, letters, and, of course, his ‘Christian Institutes’ have been published again and again. His writings—once described as ‘flowing prose’—are characterized by clarity, simplicity, and yet profoundness, too. In these heart-warming pieces, drawn from his commentaries and sermons, Calvin brings us to Christ, the glorious Savior of all his people.


Joel R. Beeke, editor (Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Serminary, pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, editor of The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, and author of numerous books.


“Daily devotionals—spiritual aids to help us be accountable for a life of disciplined reading of Scripture and prayer—have been around for centuries and need a certain caliber of excellence and insight if they are to prove of lasting value through 365 days! Of those I’d like to spend a year with as my spiritual guide and mentor, John Calvin is most certainly one of them. Joel Beeke guides us through the Reformer’s writings to help us discover the help and insight that every Christian needs to live a God-honoring life for Jesus Christ.” – Derek W. H. Thomas, John E. Richards Professor of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Minister of Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, Editorial Director, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Friday Devotional

If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. – John 7:37

The above words were cried out in a loud voice by Christ on the last day of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles referred to in Leviticus 23:34. It is a wonderful gospel invitation, explained more fully in the verses that follow: “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit…).”

There is such a thing as spiritual thirst. This is what Christ is referring to. Many are quite content, seemingly, to grow up, go to school, then to work, then to marry, then to retire, then to die. Sadly, such people are quite happy not to know God, not to read the Bible, not to pray, and not to prepare for what lies beyond the grave. But such a ‘life’ is, in God’s view, a living death. Since they live only for worldly satisfaction and pleasure, such people are ‘dead while they live’ (1 Tim. 5:6).

Men and women were created to “glorify God and to enjoy Him forever” (Westminster Shorter Catechism, Q. 1). Sadly, sin has made us all carnal and worldly. From this sleep of worldly death Christ here summons us all to know the spiritual things that are infinitely more important than worldly things.

‘If any man thirst’ is a challenge to us all. Do we really wish to know God, to have union and communion with Christ? Do we feel the emptiness of a life lived without God? Then let us take careful heed to Christ’s words here: “Come unto me, and drink.” To “come” to Christ is to believe in Him as the gracious Savior of the world sent by the God of love to save us. To “drink” is to seek our deepest satisfaction, not in things of the world, but in knowing Jesus Christ as our Lord.

There is an infinite fullness in Christ. Let no one suppose this Well could ever run dry! The broken cisterns of human pleasure will all prove worthless at last (Jer 2:13). But those who believe in the Lord Jesus will find in Him an endless supply of joy and inward satisfaction. Have you found it so for yourself?

– Taken from Milk & Honey

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manThe Man Christ Jesus: Theological Reflections on the Humanity of Christ

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What does it mean for Jesus to be HUMAN?

Theologian Bruce Ware takes us back to the biblical text, where we meet a profoundly human Jesus who faced many of the same difficulties and limitations we experience today. Ware explores the significance of Christ’s humanity and helps us to learn, by the power of the Spirit, to follow in Jesus’s steps.

Endorsements  “This delightful study of Jesus Christ the man probes deep and complex truths with a lucid clarity designed for ordinary Christian readers. I’m tempted to say that this is Warfield’s christology re-written for the devout layperson who wants to understand Jesus better and thereby trust, obey, and love him more whole-heartedly. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter promise that the book will be used widely in churches where one of the passions is to understand historic Christian truth in a fashion that is biblically faithful and spiritually nourishing.” – D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“This is a simple, readable, accessible, and biblical introduction to the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ. It takes a great theologian with a pastor’s heart to boil down difficult big ideas like this.” – Mark Driscoll, Founding Pastor, Mars Hill Church, Seattle Washington; Founder, Resurgence; Co-founder, Acts 29; author, Death by Love

“‘Marvel and wonder and worship.’ Bruce Ware rightly suggests that this is the appropriate response as we consider the implications of the humanity of Christ. My heart has been deeply stirred through reading this book and contemplating this oft-overlooked but vital aspect of our Savior.” – Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author; radio host, Revive Our Hearts

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Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

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HardcoverReformation Heritage Books and Dr. Joel Beeke the editor have done an excellent job an excellent job in gathering together a large group of conservative scholars, including our own Rev. Maurice Roberts, to produce this very valuable Study Bible

The Authorised Version of the Scriptures is printed with useful explanatory footnotes which in a concise way help the reader over many difficulties and into a clearer understanding of the teaching of the Bible. At the end of each chapter there are thoughts and questions which are designed for use in personal or family worship. The notes and comments are designed to be experimental and encourage personal holiness. Useful introductions are given to each Bible book. Interspersed through the Bible there are articles on all kinds of theological topics: ‘God’s Foreknowledge’, ‘Christ’s Incarnation’, ‘Christ’s Coming Glory’, ‘Assurance of Salvation’, etc. At the end of the book the full texts of the great creeds and Reformed confessions are printed: The Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Athanasian Creed, the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dort, and the Westminster Confession and its Catechisms. Also included is a useful history of the Christian Church in the form of one large page for each century. There is a concordance and helpful series of sixteen maps.

Here we have a wonderful resource for which many have been eagerly waiting. These 2217+ pages provide food for the soul, help on the Christian road and sound teaching. Every home should have one.



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David P. Beaty

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In An All-Surpassing Fellowship, David P. Beaty introduces us to the spiritual life of Robert Murray M‘Cheyne. After giving an overview of the life of this remarkable Scottish pastor, Beaty analyzes M‘Cheyne’s study of the Bible, prayer life, pursuit of holiness, eternal perspective, and dependence on the Holy Spirit to see the rich contribution they made to his communion with God. Yet Beaty conducts these investigations with a view toward application—learning from M‘Cheyne that which will help us walk more closely with Christ. See why M‘Cheyne’s communion with God has encouraged many believers over the years, and be encourage yourself to seek that same sweet fellowship with the Lord.

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“Arthur Hildersham is, to a large extent, a forgotten Puritan. Since Samuel Clarke compiled a thirteen-page account of his life in the seventeenth century, there has been no biography of Hildersham. But during his lifetime, Hildersham was one of the most revered and prominent Puritan figures. His story, combined with a study of his printed works, is rewarding in a number of ways. Hildersham is a guide who can help us better understand the rapidly changing and often confusing religious scene of the later Elizabethan and early Stuart period. He faced challenges and big questions that are still relevant. Although we may not agree with all of Hildersham’s conclusions, his way of thinking through issues according to biblical principles is instructive. There is often a temptation to spiritualize heroes of the past by concentrating solely on their preaching. The exclusion of their ordinary lives, mundane domestic routines, and business affairs can sometimes leave us feeling inadequate and guilty by comparison. This study of Hildersham will attempt to redress that imbalance by painting a well-rounded portrait of a man who lived for his Master not only in the pulpit but also in daily life, in “secular” activities, in friendships, and in trials.” — from the preface by Lesley A. Rowe

Calvin_Theologian_ebook__85072.1403620492.1280.1280Calvin, Theologian and Reformer

Joel Beeke and Garry Williams

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This volume grows out of a conference at The John Owen Centre for Theological Study in London to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformer’s birth. Topics covered include Calvin’s life and reforming work, his Institutes of the Christian Religion, aspects of his theology, and his commitment to revolutionary living and powerful preaching.

The contributors are Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Ian Hamilton, Anthony Lane, Ray Pennings, and Paul Wells.

Endorsement  “The quincentenary of Calvin’s birth last year produced a veritable host of books on the French Reformer, some tremendous, some so-so. This is one of the best, and no wonder: combine the richest themes of Calvin’s theology and a stellar company of authors who know their subjects really well and you have the present volume. Truly a savory entrée of Calviniana!” – Michael Haykin

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Philip L. Simpson

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The writings of Jeremiah Burroughs are some of the most readable and engaging Puritan works available.  Like his Puritan colleagues, Burroughs sought to explain biblical teaching in a heart-searching manner. In this biography, Phillip L. Simpson opens a window into the life and times of Burroughs, providing the context for his memorable sermons and writings. What becomes apparent is Burroughs’s consistent application of the principles he preached to the conduct of his life. An ardent call for a gospel-driven life and a peaceable character is reflected in both his books and life, which stand out remarkably in an era of turmoil and revolution. This is the first book-length biography of Jeremiah Burroughs.

Yuille_living_blessed__29064.1411230836.1280.1280Living Blessedly Forever

J. Stephen Yuille

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In Living Blessedly Forever, J. Stephen Yuille demonstrates how Perkins practically taught about God, joy, and the Christian life through his preaching on the Sermon on the Mount. Yuille begins with a brief account of Perkins’s life and ministry, considering several factors that shaped Perkins’s interpretation and application of the Sermon on the Mount. He then examines Perkins’s exposition of Matthew 5–7, identifying six marks of godliness (blessedness, repentance, righteousness, sincerity, contentment, and faithfulness) and concluding with a challenge to join practice with knowledge of the word of Christ.

Yuille’s work is more than a simple look at a sermon series given by a Puritan. While you will learn much about Perkins’s approach to the Sermon on the Mount, you will also be challenged to live blessedly forever.

Anne_ebook__77282.1403621522.1280.1280Anne Steele and Her Spiritual Vision

Priscilla Wong

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Anne Steele (1717–1778) has been recognized as one of the leading female hymnwriters of her time. In Anne Steele and Her Spiritual Vision, Priscilla Wong demonstrates how Steele was able to see God in different circumstances of her life and expressed it in three main themes that can be found in her hymnody: the glory of God in creation, faith in the face of suffering, and hope in the promised glory.

This close analysis of Steele’s hymns not only establishes a more coherent and intimate picture of the hymnwriter’s life and spirituality but also cultivates a more intense desire for Christians at large to grow in their faith and understanding of God

Heart_Heartebook__50630.1403548372.1280.1280Heart to Heart: Octavius Winslow’s Experimental Preaching

Tanner G. Turley

Retail Price: $9.99/ Sale Price: $4.99

In Heart to Heart: Octavius Winslow’s Experimental Preaching, Tanner G. Turley surveys Winslow’s life and ministry and demonstrates how a strong theology of preaching provided the foundation for his preaching methodology. Turley highlights the doctrinal precision and Christological focus of Winslow’s preaching, revealing an aim at holistic change in hearers through the use of application, discrimination, inquiry, illustration, exhortation, and persuasion. By introducing us to this influential preacher of the past, this study shows the significance of Winslow’s homiletic for the church of today.

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