(East County Magazine interviewed Simonetta Carr who has authored the 'Christian Biographies for Young Readers Series')

Santee resident Simonetta Carr’s book, Anselm of Canterbury,was named Best Biography in the San Diego Book Awards.  East County Magazine recently interview Carr on the Bookshelf segment of our East County Magazine Radio show on KNSJ.

You can now hear their interview here:  http://kiwi6.com/file/51gcwpzbuy.

Simonetta Carr was born in Italy and has lived and worked in different cultures. A former elementary school teacher, she has home-schooled her eight children for many years. She has written for newspaper and magazines around the world and has translated several books and articles into Italian.

She is the sole author of the series Christian Biographies for Young Readers, published by Reformation Heritage Books, with seven beautifully illustrated books presently in print. She has also written a work of historical fiction for young adults,Weight of a Flame, published by P&R, and a short biography, Renée of France, published by Evangelical Press. Presently, she lives in Santee, CA, with her husband Thomas and family.


This August, join godly leaders in the church as they delve into who Christ's Bride is and her role in society today.

The Puritan Reformed Conference centers on biblically rich, Reformed, experiential, expositional preaching. It is an opportunity to experience two and one half days of sweet Christian fellowship and a time for personal and family edification as well as growth in the Word of God.

The conference provides an intimate setting for Reformed Christians from around the world to gather together to hear some of the most exceptionally gifted ministers of the gospel today. One such speaker is Rev. Conrad Mbewe. Considered the Spurgeon of Africa, Conrad Mbewe is known for his love of Christ and His Church, both at home in Zambia and abroad.

Additionally, Reformation Heritage Books will be on hand to offer exceptionally low priced Christian literature to those attending the conference.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear a number of truly gift ministers of the gospel at this year’s conference, August 21-23. For more information or to register, visit PRTS online at puritanseminary.org. Visit soon. The early bird pricing of just $65 per person ends July 31.

Topics Include:

Our Devotion to Christ’s Bride (Acts. 2:41-47) - Conrad Mbewe

The Mission of Christ’s Bride (Acts 1:6-9) - William VanDoodewaard

The Healthy Holiness of Christ’s Bride (Lev. 20:26) - Michael Barrett

The Unity and Diversity of Christ’s Beautiful Bride - David Murray

View full schedule here --->


Cross Focused Reviews participated in a book review tour of 'China's Reforming Churches' by Bruce P. Baugus)


Every Christian should read this volume to understand how to pray and to support missionaries.” - Val Belley

“These essays worked together perfectly to leave the reader excited, encouraged, and challenged to be a part of the mighty works God is doing.” - Josh Skinner

“I highly recommend this book for those interested in learning more about the state of the church in China.” - Josh Schwisow

“This book will serve as a great benefit to any Christian interested in the current state of missions in China and will provide invaluable information for those invested in Chinese missions from both sides.” - Craig Hurst

“This book is an encouraging, and eye-opening read that has helped me to better understand and appreciate global Christianity.” - Timothy Harris

“This is a very informative book about China’s recent history, current status, and the way forward for Christian churches in that country.” - Doug Wallace

“If you care about China, missions and the church, this book is for you.” - Alan Davey

We were delighted to recently host a visit from Hosung Maeng and his daughter at the RHB offices here in Grand Rapids, MI. Hosung is the CEO of rMaeng2 (www.rMaeng2.com / www.christianbook.co.kr/), an organization that helps RHB successfully translate and distribute our titles through publishers in the Republic of Korea.


Many titles are already available, and many are in different stages of the production phase.

New titles coming soon in Korean:

The Christian's Reasonable Service - Wilhelmus a Brakel

A Puritan Theology - Joel Beeke and Mark Jones

Taking Hold of God - Joel Beeke and Brian Najapfour

What is a Reformed Church? - Malcolm Watts

An Honest and Well Experienced Heart - Adam Embry

Prepared by Grace, For Grace - Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley

Spiritual Warfare - Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura

What is a Christian? - Ryan McGraw

What Does it Mean to Love God? - Maurice Roberts

How Should Teens Read the Bible? - Joel Beeke

How Do I Kill Remaining Sin? - Geoffrey Thomas


In 1994, RHB was established with the goal to fill a niche in the Reformed and Puritan publishing world by offering sound biblical literature from a large variety of publishers while at the same time publishing several books each year on our own.

Because RHB did not publish any titles in the first year of business, we have decided to give away our two bestselling children's titles.

Knox3__61116.1383152642.1280.1280LadyJaneGrey_front__87999.1337964808.1280.1280We have been publishing these coffee-table style books on  church history figures for young children because we strongly believe that they need to understand what the Holy Spirit has done in church history in guiding the church over the centuries to know and articulate the Scriptures better. Children also need real heroes, and church history has plenty of them, so each volume in this series tells the story of one influential man or woman in church history that stood for the cause of God.

(Taken from 'How Do I Kill Remaining Sin?' by Geoffrey Thomas)

Part 1

This battle will not end until we look upon the face of our glorified Savior. Face up to this reality. Know your enemy. Don’t be surprised by his assaults. Know yourself. The sins in others that disgust you the most exist in seed form in you. Those evil actions that make you draw in your breath and say, “How could anyone do something like that?”— the seed of those sins is in your life, and could begin to grow, if you are not at pains to root it out.

Because of this conflict, the Lord and His servants exhort us: “Watch and pray! Put on all the armor of God! Awake! Don’t slumber on like others! Stand in an evil day, and having done all, stand! Yield not to temptation!”Christ exhorts His disciples because of the danger from the enemy within, as well as the enemy without.

There have been religious movements that have promised short cuts to ending the fight between the Spirit and the flesh. A hundred years, ago there was a teaching known as the Victorious Life. One of its proponents, Charles Trumbull, wrote, “I have learned that, as I trust Christ for surrender, there need be no fighting against sin, but complete freedom from the power, and even the desire of sin.”What an error! No preacher possesses a secret by which we can escape from the activity of sin within us. Modest, respectable, and quiet sin can be every bit as dangerous as roaring, spitting, and shouting sin. Sin is never less active than when it is most silent. When sin is quiet, we are to be most on guard.

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Dear Friends,

Anniversaries DrBeekeare nostalgic, so bear with me as I wax nostalgic - and get a bit personal - for a moment. It is hard for me to believe that Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) is entering its second generation!

Reading Puritan literature has been a major boon for me spiritually for forty-seven years. When the Holy Spirit began to convict me at the age of fourteen of the seriousness of sin and the spirituality of the law, I searched the Scriptures and devoured Puritan literature from my father’s bookcase. My mother would call upstairs each evening at 11:00, “Lights out!” After my parents’ lights went out, I would turn mine back on and read until 12:30 or 1:00 in the morning. As a teenager, I read all the Puritan titles published by Banner of Truth Trust with relish. Primarily through the Holy Spirit blessing the Puritans to my soul, I found gospel peace and assurance of salvation.

I then felt an urgent need for everyone to benefit from reading the Puritans, so I started a church library in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Later, at age sixteen, I, with some other young people, founded a nonprofit organization called Bible Truth Books, which is still operating today. Later, as a minister, I served as president of our denominational book publishing house for fifteen years until 1993.


How did RHB get started and develop?

In 1994, I established RHB as a nonprofit and nondenominational ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My original goal was to fill a niche in the Reformed and Puritan publishing world by offering sound biblical literature from a large variety of publishers while at the same time publishing several books each year on our own. At that time, several book dealers and publishers told me that it was not wise to attempt to be a book publisher and a book distributor at the same time. “A choice should be made for one or the other,” they said. But I felt called to establish a ministry that did both so that people could have a one-stop catalog of books in their hands, offering books at discount prices that they could trust would be true to the Reformed faith - books both published and distributed.

If you had told me at that time that a generation later RHB would be publishing or reprinting an average of one book each week, would carry five thousand titles from about seventy-five publishers from around the world - all of a sound biblical and Reformed stamp -and would sell more than $1.5 million worth of books annually, I would surely have thought this to be impossible. But God has ways of blessing His ministries beyond expectation (Eph. 3:20–21). Over the years, He has blessed us with tens of thousands of spiritually hungry and grateful customers, a helpful and supportive board of directors who have always been proactive, and especially with dedicated employees who have caught the vision of worldwide book ministry for the glory of God.

What are RHB’s goals for the future?

Our future goals are to continue publishing and distributing Puritan and Reformed books of high quality to God’s glory for people of all ages, ranging from young children to teenagers to educated laypeople to ministers to professors of theology, and to get them into countries all around the world as reasonably as a nonprofit organization can do it.

Today the possibilities are seemingly endless for expansion into modern forms of media, including e-books and audiobooks. We also hope to vastly expand the translation of many of our titles into various foreign languages. For example, we are already working with publishers in a half dozen countries for the translation of A Puritan Theology into their languages. We need much wisdom on how to face future possibilities of expanding the work.

Why is RHB important for today?

With the acquisition several years ago of Soli Deo Gloria titles, which are now an RHB imprint, RHB is now the largest publisher of Puritan literature in the world. Presently we have published and distributed more than six hundred Puritan titles, which raises the question, Why should twenty-first century Christians read the Reformers, and especially the Puritans?

Reading Puritan writings moves your soul with awe at the glory of God, builds up your mind with faith in the truths of Scripture, ignites your heart with love for Christ the all-sufficient Savior, and expands your life out of its shrunken puddle of selfishness to expect great things from God and attempt great things for God. In other words, the Puritans give us fuel for worship and missions.

How can you continue to support RHB?

1. Pray for us. Please continue to pray that RHB will remain committed to the rich biblical, Reformed, and Puritan heritage we treasure and that God will use this book ministry for the conversion and growth in grace of thousands of readers to His own glory. Also pray that we will be financially upheld, and that many donors will help us reach pastors around the world who cannot afford Reformed literature. Pray for our translated titles into Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and several other languages. And pray for continued staff harmony and dedication.

2. Pass on our catalogs and website to friends. Let your friends know about us. Share our books with them. Encourage them to get on our mailing list.

3. Buy and read books. Later this year, RHB will be running some great specials in commemoration of our twentieth anniversary. Take advantage of these opportunities for yourself and your friends. Pass on our books to them as gifts.

Finally, thanks so much for letting us serve you. We appreciate your support more than you know.

Warmly, in the Master’s service,

Joel R. Beeke,

President of RHB

(Review of 'Faith Worth Teaching' by Jon D. Payne and Sebastian Heck)

If you can keep a secret, I will share it with you: I am falling in love with the Heidelberg Catechism. As a Presbyterian pastor, the Westminster Standards hold a special place in my heart (I don't want my fellow presbyters overreacting here), but the Heidelberg has been encroaching upon that Westminster-dominated region over the past year. A year ago, I took a call to labor "out of bounds" at a Reformed Church located squarely in the Dutch Tradition. This sent me scurrying in every direction to find resources that would help this newbie in learning the Three Forms of Unity. To my shame, I hadn't spent much time with these confessional documents and this new call came with an immediate desire to know the Belgic Confession, Canons of Dordt, and Heidelberg Catechism. As I have begun to study them, the Heidelberg Catechism has quickly become a favorite.

As I have searched for good resources on the Heidelberg Catechism, there have been some helpful additions to my library. Early commentaries on the Catechism like William Ames' A Sketch of the Christian's Catechism and Zacharius Ursinus' Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism have been invaluable. More recent commentaries on the Catechism such as Fred Klooserter's Our Only Comfort and Kevin DeYoung's The Good News We Almost Forgot have been beneficial in preparing to preach through the Catechism for the first time. They both are written in a pastorally sensitive and theologically rich way. Two recent books, both of which are collections of essays, have offered insight into the Catechism. The first is Willem Van'T Spijker's The Church's Book of Comfort, and the second is Lyle Bierma's An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism. And yet, the availability of helpful resources in the English language on this 450 year old confessional standard is still quite insignificant. That is why I was excited to see this new volume on the Heidelberg Catechism, A Faith Worth Teaching, edited by Jon Payne and Sebastian Heck.

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The Theology of the Westminster Standards: Historical 9781433533112__59509.1403540236.1280.1280Context and Theological Insights

J. V. Fesko

Paperback, 441 pages

Retail Price: $28.00/Our Price: $19.00

For centuries, countless Christians have turned to the Westminster Standards for insights into the Christian faith. These renowned documents—first published in the middle of the 17th century—are still considered by many to be some of the most beautifully written summaries of the Bible’s teaching ever produced.

Church historian John Fesko walks readers through the background and theology of the Westminster Confession, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism, helpfully situating them within their original context.

Organized according to the major categories of systematic theology, this book utilizes quotations from other key works from the same time period to shed light on the history and significance of these influential documents.


“One of the ways of demonstrating the abiding relevance of our confessions is to understand the conversations and debates from which they emerged. John Fesko has done precisely this. Digging around each plant in the Westminster garden, Fesko exposes the rich soil that still nourishes our faith and practice. I picked up this book expecting to find a resource to be consulted, but found myself reading the whole work through with rapt attention. There is gold in these hills!” — Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California; author, Calvin on the Christian Life

“Finally we have a solid analysis and an expert portrayal of the theology of the Westminster Standards in which the time of its writing and its direct influence are also described. John Fesko has gathered an enormous amount of information that makes this book a sourcebook par excellence. He does the church and its theology a great favor with this overview, helping us to understand the Westminster Confession and catechisms not only in their theological context, but also in their relevance for today.” — Herman Selderhuis, Professor of Church History, Theological University of Apeldoorn; Director, Refo500, The Netherlands