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Godly_Prayer_front__17017.1448328228.1280.1280Godly Prayer and Its Answers

John Brown of Wamphray

Hardcover, 368 pages

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Available: February 29, 2016

Godly Prayer and Its Answers is an extended meditation upon Christ’s promise in John 14:13–14, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” However, in the process of touching upon everything stated and implied in the text, Brown produces a full and complete treatment of the doctrine of prayer in a manner calculated to promote the exercise of faith in Jesus Christ.

Author  John Brown of Wamphray (c. 1610–1679) was a Scottish minister who was imprisoned for opposing episcopal rule and subsequently exiled to the Netherlands.

Endorsements  “This volume on prayer richly rewards the thoughtful reader who perseveres through its older English, stepping back in time to sit under the ministry of this servant of Christ, the Scottish theologian John Brown of Wamphray. You will be significantly challenged, encouraged, and deepened in your communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and that, most certainly, is worth it.” — William VanDoodewaard, professor of church history, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Robert Murray M‘Cheyne once said, ‘You wish to humble a man? Ask him about his prayer life.’ Indeed, the question ‘How is your prayer life?’ can expose the sin of prayerlessness in our lives and increase the conviction in our hearts. Thankfully, there are many excellent books on prayer that can help us develop a healthy prayer life. One of those books is right here before you—Godly Prayer and Its Answers. This Christ-centered work, written by the seventeenth-century pastor theologian John Brown of Wamphray, is a biblical, practical, and thorough study of the doctrine of prayer. If your prayer life is weak, take time to read Brown’s book. With God’s blessing, it can definitely help and encourage you as you seek to experience a ‘sweet hour of prayer.’”  — Brian G. Najapfour, pastor of Dutton United Reformed Church, Caledonia, Michigan, and author of Jonathan Edwards: His Doctrine of and Devotion to Prayer

Trail_lords_prayer__33636.1447175783.1280.1280The Lord’s Prayer for His People

Robert Traill

Hardcover, 424 pages

Retail Price: $30.00/ Our Price: $22.50

Available: February 29, 2016

Robert Traill’s treatment of Christ’s intercessory prayer for His people is a masterpiece of Puritan experiential doctrine. Mining the depths of John 17:24, Traill discovers the comforts of the doctrine of election, the blessing of our hope of heaven, and the believer’s delight in the glory of Christ—all founded on the immovable love of the Father for His Son. Traill’s exposition is full of practical application, careful to address both believers and unbelievers alike.

Author  Robert Traill (1642–1716) was a Scottish Covenanter who later served congregations in England alongside his Puritan colleagues.

Endorsement  “Robert Traill’s sermons on John 17:24 are vintage Puritan. They are theologically rich, yet accessible and filled with practical wisdom. They should be read thoughtfully, prayerfully, and expectantly by anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Christ’s priestly intercession and glory and what that means for the believer. They are especially suitable for those suffering through various trials. Indeed, Traill has a way of redirecting our thoughts from our earthly sorrows to Christ in heaven, where all our hopes are found. I highly and unreservedly recommend it.”  — Randall J. Pederson, managing editor, Westminster Theological Journal, and coauthor of Meet the Puritans

Book Review

laborReview of The Labor of Love by Banner of Truth

In almost every age of Christian history the spiritual health of the churches depends largely on the character and usefulness of those called to Christian ministry. This was certainly the conviction of the Puritan age of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This book by US pastor J. Stephen Yuille shares such a conviction. His book makes extensive use of the work of the 17th century Puritan pastor and teacher George Swinnock expanding on it to set out for readers today the standards of ministry to which those who care for Christ’s church should aspire.

The book will be a spur and encouragement to those setting out on the work of oversight and preaching for the first time. It will act as a refresher to those who have been laboring in the Christian ministry for some years. It will be a stimulus to prayer for all who are concerned for the health of Christ’s church.

Lord Save Us

Augustus Toplady


Pilot of the soul, awake,

Save us for Thy mercies’ sake;

Now rebuke the angry deep,

Save, oh, save Thy sinking ship!


Stand at the helm, our vessel steer;

Mighty on our side appear.

Savior, teach us to decry,

Where the rocks and quicksands lie.


The waves shall impotently roll,

If Thou art the anchor the soul;

At Thy word the wind shall cease,

Storms be hushed to perfect peace.


Be Thou our haven of retreat,

A rock to fix our wavering feet;

Teach us to own Thy sovereign sway,

Whom the winds and seas obey.


— Worthy is the Lamb

Ebook Sale

walkingWalking as He Walked

Joel R. Beeke 

Regular Price: $4.50/ Sale Price: $0.99

Every Christian yearns to be more Christ-like. This book addresses how we can be more conformed to the image of Christ (Rom. 8:29) in four of the most difficult areas of the Christian life: cross-bearing, office-bearing, sorrow, and endurance.

Endorsement  “A Christ-centered tour de force which gets us into Christ’s servant heart and asks the pointed questions of what that means for us who are in union with Him. Deeply and affectionately pastoral, Dr. Beeke gives us a magisterial example of puritan-infused, preached prose that is as fresh as the air we breath. Like the puritan Richard Sibbes, know to his contemporaries as ‘the sweet dropper’ Dr. Beeke has a similar touch, presenting to us the confidence, richness, depth, and encouragement of the gospel.” – Maurice Roberts


Night of Weeping and Morning of Joy

Night weeping

Horatius Bonar

Regular Price: $4.99/ Sale Price: $2.99

By the Spirit’s grace, both books can be life-changing; they present us with a clear, powerful, profound, and balanced view of the Christian life and of God’s dealings with His people. – Joel R. Beeke

The Night of Weeping expounds compassionately and beautifully a biblical view of suffering, showing how it is an integral part of belonging to God’s family, how to cope with it, and how it benefits the believer. The chapters on the purifying and solemnizing fruits of suffering are themselves worth the price of the book.

The Morning of Joy shows how God leads believers to rejoice in the present and future joys of the living church, particularly through fellowshipping with the resurrected Christ. The chapters on the majestic kingdom of Christ and the superlative joys of glory are most uplifting.

Audio Classics

HumanHuman Nature in Its Fourfold State – Audio Book

Retail Price: $40.00/ Our Price: $34.99

Runtime: 20 Hrs (16 CDs)


Thomas Boston’s Human Nature in Its Fourfold State is often regarded as one of Christian literature’s best discourses on human nature, tracing it from its perfect beginnings in Eden, through the fall of man, and on to its final state in eternity. According to Boston, the four states of man are the state of innocence, in which God made him; the state of nature, as he has unmade himself; the state of grace, as created in Jesus Christ; and the eternal state, as made by the Judge of All Things. Boston’s remarkable insight makes this book a must-listen for Christians the world over.

gospelcallThe Gospel Call & True Conversion – Audio Book

Retail Price: $20.00/ Our Price: $10.00

Runtime: 6.4 HRS (6 CDs)


The apostle Paul gave the gospel the first place in his preaching, endeavored with all his might to proclaim it clearly, and even went so far as to pronounce a curse upon all those who would pervert its truth. Yet how sad it is that many, even among those considering themselves evangelicals, have reduced the gospel message to a few trite statements to be repeated, and view conversion as a mere human decision. In The Gospel Call and True Conversion, Paul Washer challenges such easy believism as he examines the real meaning of things like faith, repentance, and receiving Christ. He also deals extensively with the effects of saving grace that God promises in the new covenant; namely, the creation of new hearts and new people.

spiritualSpiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective – Audio Book

Retail Price: $16.00/ Our Price: $10.00

Runtime: 3.9 HRS (4 CDs)


Too often, Christians today either sensationalize the subject of spiritual warfare by obsessing over demon possession, exorcisms, binding the devil, and rebuking demons, or they minimize the idea and are unprepared for the real struggle they face against principalities and powers. Pastors Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura provide a balanced approach that exposes the fictions and superstitions surrounding this vital doctrine and at the same time reveal the unseen realities of this struggle. Basing their battle plan on Ephesians 6:10-20, the authors give an overview of the battle, a guide to the armor God gives us, and instruction regarding the vital wartime disciplines of prayer and proclamation of the Word. By learning to think biblically about this subject, Christians are enabled to deflect the blows of their adversary, fight sin, and live God-glorifying lives as followers of Jesus.


lettersThe Letters of Samuel Rutherford (Unabridged) – Audio Book

Retail Price: $65.00/ Our Price: $44.99

Runtime: 33.5 HRs (27 CDs)


An important collection of inspiring devotionals

The seventeenth-century devotional letters of Samuel Rutherford, most of which were written during imprisonment for the sake of the gospel, are presented for the edification of a new generation of readers. Published more than 350 years ago, The Letters of Samuel Rutherford have been a source of encouragement and inspiration for Christians throughout the world.

Originally published in 1664.

Book Review

Book Review of A Labor of Love: Puritan Pastoral Priorities by J. Stephen Yuille.

In almost every age of Christian history the spiritual healthy of the churches depends largely on the character and usefulness of those called to Christian ministry. This was certainly the conviction of the Puritan age of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This book by pastor J. Stephen Yuille shares such a conviction. His book makes extensive use of the work of the 17th century Puritan pastor and teacher George Swinnock expanding on it to set out for readers today the standards of ministry to which those who care for Christ’s church should aspire.

The book will be a spur and encouragement to those setting out on the work of oversight and preaching for the first time. It will act as refresher to those who have been laboring in the Christian ministry for some years. It will be a stimulus to prayer for all who are concerned for the health of Christ’s church.

wholeThe Whole Christ: Legalism, Antinomianism, and Gospel Assurance—Why the Marrow Controversy Still Matters

Sinclair B. Ferguson

Paperback, 256 pages

Retail Price: $24.99/ Our Price: $15.00

Since the days of the early church, Christians have wrestled with the relationship between the law and gospel. If, as the apostle Paul says, salvation is by grace and the law cannot save, what relevance does the law have for Christians today?

By revisiting the Marrow Controversy—a famous but largely forgotten eighteenth-century debate related to the proper relationship between God’s grace and our works—Sinclair B. Ferguson sheds light on this central issue and why it still matters today. In doing so, he explains how our understanding of the relationship between law and gospel determines our approach to evangelism, our pursuit of sanctification, and even our understanding of God himself.

Ferguson shows us that the antidote to the poison of legalism on the one hand and antinomianism on the other is one and the same: the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ, in whom we are simultaneously justified by faith, freed for good works, and assured of salvation.

Endorsements  “The volume in your hands is not just a helpful historical reflection but also a tract for the times. Sinclair does a good job of recounting the Marrow Controversy in an accessible and interesting way. However, his real aim is not merely to do that. Against the background and features of that older dispute, he wants to help us understand the character of this perpetual problem—one that bedevils the church today. He does so in the most illuminating and compelling way I’ve seen in recent evangelical literature.” – Timothy J. Keller, Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City; best-selling author, The Reason for God

“This book has three things I’m very interested in: eighteenth-century Scottish church history, doctrinal clarity on the gospel, and learning from Sinclair Ferguson. As fascinating as this work is as a piece of historical analysis, it is even more important as a careful biblical and theological guide to the always-relevant controversies surrounding legalism, antinomianism, and assurance. I’m thankful Ferguson has put his scholarly mind and pastoral heart to work on such an important topic.” – Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan

Friday Devotional

And I turned myself to behold wisdom, and madness, and folly: for what can the man do that cometh after the king? Even that which hath been already done. – Ecclesiastes 2:12 

Having discovered the emptiness of acquisition and amusements, Ecclesiastes turns to intellectual pursuits to escape vanity.

Ecclesiastes proves the excellence of wisdom by comparison. There is a spectrum of wise, wiser, and wisest, but folly is not on the spectrum. To be foolish is not just to be less wise; we are not to think of a dimmer switch, which gradually reduces the amount of light, but of the on-off switch. The fool is not in some twilight zone, but is in utter darkness. The practical effect is that he cannot see where he is going. The fool is driving with his headlights off. While the ambient is good, he gets along, but as soon as external beneficial influences are gone the result is disaster. He is in the broad road that leads to destruction.

Death is the one certainty in life and any wisdom that fails to address it must be woefully inadequate. Science cannot grapple with it and a philosophy of death becomes mere speculation. Death, however, levels all. The wise man and the fool lie side by side in the earth. Does this mean that death has rubbished wisdom? Logically it looks as if wisdom did not help, and even is vain.

Ecclesiastes found this devastating. It is bad enough that death is common to the wise and foolish; it is worse that one’s contemporaries will not even bother to conserve the memory of better men. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life cannot even be forced together. It is grievous or ‘all wrong.’ This is frustrating and demoralizing. Today’s achievements are tomorrow’s archive on the way to the recycling bin. If you have high expectations of intellectual pursuits, Ecclesiastes wants you to face up to the fact that it is vanity and vexation of spirit. You need something more.

Feel the full weight of your vanity, futility, vexation, and grief. Despairing of your own intellectual achievements, look for higher wisdom. The Christian knows that this higher wisdom is in Christ. He is the eternal Wisdom, the Conqueror of death, and the One who gives His own a new and enduring name and memorial.

– Taken from Milk and Honey

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible – New Editions

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FlatVachettaEdited__85159.1452009194.1280.1280Vachetta Leather (Brown)

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Goatskin, 2216 pages

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A Study Bible to Feed Your Soul . . .

  • Thoughts for personal and family devotions for every chapter
  • Three dozen articles on how to live the Christian life
  • Guidance on how to experience the truths of the Bible

A Study Bible to Instruct Your Mind . . .

  • Thousands of study notes with integrated cross-references
  • Introductions to each section and every book of the Bible
  • Classic Bible text with explanations of difficult words
  • More than fifty articles on key Christian teachings
  • Concordance, color maps, daily reading plan, and more!

A Study Bible to Discover Your Roots . . .

  • Overview of twenty centuries of church history
  • Ancient creeds, confessions, and catechisms with introductions



Size:   6 ½ x 9 ¼

Page Font: 

  • Bible: 9.8 pt. Minion Font
  • Notes: 8 pt. Myriad SemiCondensed Font

All Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bibles are Smyth Sewn for lasting durability. These editions of The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible are being printed by Jongbloed, a Dutch printer reputed as the world’s finest publisher of Bibles.

With the purchase of the Bible, you will receive a free access code to create an account at www.holybible.com. This will allow access to all the study notes from the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible online.


General EditorJoel R. Beeke is pres­i­dent and Pro­fes­sor of Sys­tem­atic The­ol­ogy and Homilet­ics at Puritan Reformed The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary, a pas­tor of the Her­itage Nether­lands Reformed Con­gre­ga­tion in Grand Rapids, Michi­gan, edi­tor of Ban­ner of Sov­er­eign Grace Truth, edi­to­r­ial direc­tor of Ref­or­ma­tion Her­itage Books, pres­i­dent of Inher­i­tance Pub­lish­ers, and vice-president of the Dutch Reformed Trans­la­tion Soci­ety.

Old Testament EditorMichael Barrett is Aca­d­e­mic Dean and Pro­fes­sor of Old Tes­ta­ment at Puri­tan Reformed The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. He is a min­is­ter in the Free Pres­by­ter­ian Church of North Amer­ica. For­merly, Dr. Bar­rett served as pres­i­dent of Geneva Reformed Sem­i­nary. For almost thirty years, he was pro­fes­sor of Ancient Lan­guages and Old Tes­ta­ment The­ol­ogy and Inter­pre­ta­tion at Bob Jones Uni­ver­sity.

New Testament EditorGerald Bilkes is Pro­fes­sor of New Tes­ta­ment and Bib­li­cal The­ol­ogy at Puri­tan Reformed The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. He com­pleted a PhD (2002) from Prince­ton The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. He was recip­i­ent of the United States Infor­ma­tion Agency Fel­low­ship at the Albright Insti­tute (ASOR) in Jerusalem dur­ing the 1997–1998 year.


“Every Christian agrees that there is no book in all the world like the Bible. Within its covers lies the knowledge of God and of eternal life. It is the place where Jesus is revealed to us and where we see ourselves. Like the fields of Boaz in the book of Ruth, it is full of heaven-sent bread, open to us to come, glean, and feed upon its riches. It is a home report of heaven and a guide for getting there. The Bible truly stands alone. But perhaps Christians do not agree on which edition of the Bible is the best in the world. Having looked over the following pages, I think I may have found it. This is a study Bible whose additional articles, notes, tables, and quotations have only one purpose: to place the text of Scripture in the highest possible prominence and to help us understand it in the clearest possible way. For serious followers of Christ, the Bible is indispensable; for serious students of the Bible this edition will soon become indispensable also. To God be the glory for His Word, and to the publishers our gratitude for this splendid edition.” – Iain D. Campbell, Point Free Church, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

“This monumental production is surely destined to be of immense help to countless users for years to come. Its scope is extraordinary, its guiding principles are rock solid, and it is remarkably readable. I know of nothing like it, and I commend it warmly.” – John Blanchard, internationally-known author, evangelist and Christian apologist

The Source of All Gifts – Devotional

See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. Exodus 31:2

The call of Bezaleel was special because God entrusted to him an unusual and by no means ordinary work, yet we know that no one excels even in the most despised and humble handicraft unless God’s Spirit works in him. For, although ‘there are diversities of gifts,’ it is still the same Spirit from whom these gifts flow (1 Cor. 12:4). God has seen fit to distribute and measure these gifts out to every person. This is not only so with the spiritual gifts that follow regeneration but also in all the branches of knowledge that come into use in common life.

It is, therefore, wrong to ascribe the means of our support partly to nature and Gods blessing, and partly to the industry of man, since man’s industry itself is a blessing from god. The poets are more correct who acknowledge that everything in nature, including the arts, comes from God, and that therefore everything ought to be accounted as divine inventions.

Understanding this doctrine is useful, first, because all things that refer to the support and defense of life should excite our gratitude, and whatever seems to be derived from man’s ingenuity should be regarded as proofs of God’s paternal solicitude for us. Second, we should honor God as the author of so many good things, since he sanctifies them for our use. Moses applies many epithets to the Spirit, because he is speaking of a remarkable work. Yet we must conclude that whatever ability is possessed by anyone emanates from one only source, God. The one difference is Bezaleel, who was endued with consummate excellence, while God makes distribution to others according to his pleasure.

FOR MEDITATION: We seldom recognize the gifts God has given us for what they really are: gifts! Let us make the gifts we have received reasons for greater praise to God instead of greater reliance on ourselves. Do you feel responsible to use your gifts diligently for God’s glory?

– Taken from 365 days with Calvin