Alongside the hardcopies of our publications, Reformation Heritage Books also releases electronic versions. Here are several new EBOOKS that are now available.


whoWho Is Jesus? Knowing Christ through His “I Am” Saying

J.V. Fesko

Electronic Version, 112 pages

Our Price: $4.99

Who is Jesus? Is He God, as the church has claimed for nearly two thousand years? Or is He just a good man? J. V. Fesko takes a close look at Jesus’s “I am” claims in the gospel of John and guides us to a better understanding of who Jesus is. Jesus, the author says, conducted His ministry clothed in His “coat of Old Testament colors” made, in God’s providence, of the promises, prophecies, themes, and ideas that foretold of the Messiah. Jesus’s claims of deity reveal that He is the great I AM, the name God revealed to Moses at the burning bush. In this book with study questions, suitable for individual or group study, Fesko views the “I am” sayings of Jesus through the perspective of the Old Testament, and we come to see Him in His biblical glory as God in the flesh, who dwelled among men to seek and to save those who were lost.

Endorsement  “The four Gospels occupy a unique place in the corpus of Holy Scripture, but the gospel of John takes us into the depths of what that entails. It is the place where we are brought face-to-face with Jesus as the Son of God incarnate. He alone is qualified and authorized to secure the salvation our race so much needs. However, it is possible to read the Gospels and fail to grasp the wonder of who Jesus is and why His earthly life followed the distinctive course it did. For that reason, in this book John Fesko sets out to answer the question, ‘Who is Jesus?’ He does so not merely by allowing Jesus to speak for Himself by His works as well as His words but also by showing how His words and works, as well as His unique person and character, are deeply rooted in the Hebrew Bible. He shows us Jesus as the pinnacle of God’s purpose in salvation and gives us every reason to trust Him with our lives and respond to Him with heartfelt adoration.” — Mark G. Johnston, minister, Bethel


beautyThe Beauty and Glory of God’s Word

Joel R. Beeke

Electronic Version, 160 pages

Our Price: $9.99

“The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple” (Ps 19:7). In this age of uncertainty, we need to stand on the rock of God’s revelation. You will find encouragement in this book to trust the Bible as God’s inerrant, authoritative, clear, and sufficient word, as well as guidelines for how to use the Bible for personal joy and practical living. Contributors include Michael Barrett, Joel Beeke, Gerald Bilkes, Ronald Kalifungwa, David Murray, Jack Schoeman, Geoff Thomas, and William VanDoodewaard.

Endorsement  “Because the Bible is God’s Word, it possesses a unique and exquisite beauty that sets it above every other book in the world. Because it is God’s Word, it communicates with us, challenging our assumptions, commanding our attention, and correcting our behavior. This book about God’s Word is a fitting reminder to us that the Bible is no mere religious text, but a voice from another world speaking into ours with clarity, authority, beauty, and grace, suitable for all people, in all situations, and at all times. The great themes addressed in this collection of studies will serve to heighten our appreciation of who God is, how He has spoken to us, and what it is that He actually says.”   – Iain D. Campbell, minister in the Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis