Book Review


The Beauty and Glory of Christian Living

(Review by Ryan King in Evangelicals Now)

Though not a particularly large book, it is filled with wholesome teaching about Christian living in the light of God’s grace – which draws from the best of Puritan spirituality. It is divided into three sections, with headings related to seeing the Christian life as a seed growing to fruition. ‘Christian Living in Its Divine Roots’ plants the Christian life firmly in the gracious work of God and the sanctifying work of the Spirit. ‘Christian Living in Its Human Branches’ applies the previous section to family life, business, and evangelism. ‘Christian Living in Its Earthly Storms’ provides encouragement for standing strong in a world of suffering, immorality, negativity, sickness, death, and all-around hard times. There are also two very good chapters that take a more historical-theological approach: John Tweeddale examines John Owen’s writings on spiritual-mindedness and Joel Beeke outlines the Puritan William Gouge’s thoughts on Christian family life.

There is at times a tendency in ‘Reformed’ circles to focus on the justifying work of the Saviour on the cross to the neglect of the sanctifying work of the Spirit in the Christian. Books like The Beauty and Glory of Christian Living serve as a powerful corrective.