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May 2017


The Works of William Perkins, Volume 4

J. Stephen Yuille, editor

Hardcover, 768 pages

Retail Price: $50.00/ Our Price: $38.00

The Works of William Perkins fills a major gap in Reformed and Puritan theology. Though Perkins is best known today for his writings on predestination, he also wrote prolifically on many subjects. His works filled over two thousand large pages of small print in three folio volumes and were reprinted several times in the decades after his death. However, his complete works have not been in print since the mid-seventeenth century. This modern typeset edition of the Works includes four volumes of Perkins’s expositions of Scripture, three volumes of his doctrinal and polemical treatises, and three volumes of his practical writings.

This fourth volume contains Perkins’s expositions of Jude and Revelation 1–3.


Reformation Women: Sixteenth-Century Figures Who Shaped Christianity’s Rebirth

Rebecca VanDoodewaard

Paperback, 136 pages

Retail Price: $14.00/ Our Price: $11.00

Women are an essential element in church history. Just as Deborah, Esther, and the New Testament Marys helped shape Bible history, so the women of the Reformed church have helped to make its history great.In Reformation Women, Rebecca Vandoodewaard introduces readers to twelve sixteenth-century women who are not as well known today as contemporaries like Katie Luther and Lady Jane Grey. Providing an example to Christians today of strong service to Christ and His church, these influential, godly women were devoted to Reformation truth, in many cases provided support for their husbands, practiced hospitality, and stewarded their intellectual abilities. Their strength and bravery will inspire you, and your understanding of church history will become richer as you learn how God used them to further the Reformation through their work and influence.



How Can I Overcome Lust?

Ryan M. McGraw

Retail Price: $3.00/ Our Price: $2.25

Part of the Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series.



How Should I Exercise Hospitality?

Rebecca VanDoodewaard

Retail Price: $3.00/ Our Price: $2.25

Part of the Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series.


How Can I Serve God at Work?

Ray Pennings

Retail Price: $3.00/ Our Price: $2.25

Part of the Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series.


Counsel to Gospel Ministers

John Brown of Haddington

96 pages, Paperback

Retail Price: $10.00/ Our Price: $7.50

John Brown of Haddington, eighteenth-century Scottish divinity professor, invested deeply in the lives of his students. Counsel to Gospel Ministers presents a collection of his letters to students who were training to be ministers. Throughout these letters, Brown stresses the need for preaching a clear gospel message with precise application. Yet he equally emphasizes the importance of exemplary behavior in ministers’ conduct. Here is sage advice to pastors for taking the gospel seriously in all aspects of their life and ministry. With the publication of these letters, Brown’s pastoral wisdom can be shared with new generations of gospel ministers.


Complete in Him: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel

Michael P. B. Barrett

352 pages, Paperback

Retail Price: $20.00/ Our Price: $15.00

Nothing is more basic to spiritual life and growth than understanding and enjoying the fundamental truths of the gospel of saving grace that center directly and uniquely in Jesus Christ. This book is a back-to-basics approach to Christian living. For Christians, everything—both their eternal destiny and their earthly journey—depends on what they think of Christ. The Bible defines from different perspectives what it means to be saved so that we can put it all together to see how great salvation we really have. Complete in Him examines essential and inseparable elements of the gospel in order to show that all of salvation relates to and flows from the Savior, Jesus Christ. Christ is everything. Salvation in Christ is complete, and we are complete in Him.


Ephesians – The Lectio Continua Series

Ian Hamilton

272 pages, Hardcover

Retail Price: $30.00/ Our Price: $23.00

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul elaborates on, in a most wonderful way, the God-given, Christ-secured, Holy Spirit-applied privileges of the Christian life. Here, perhaps more than anywhere else in the New Testament, we are brought face to face with the “unsearchable riches of Christ” (3:8). Step by adoring step, Paul introduces us to the spiritual blessings that are the predestined, blood-bought privileges of all who have put their self-abandoning trust in Jesus Christ. His letter to the Ephesians is a spiritual Mount Everest, turning us away from ourselves and placing the spotlight of God’s great salvation wholly on Christ.


June 2017


God’s Ambassadors: The Westminster Assembly and the Reformation of the English Pulpit, 1643-1653

Chad Van Dixhoorn

240 pages, Hardcover

Retail Price: $40.00/ Our Price: $30.00

The Westminster Assembly is widely known for its doctrinal standards and debates on church polity. But how often is the assembly noted for its extraordinary intervention in the pulpit ministry of the Church of England? In God’s Ambassadors, Chad Van Dixhoorn recounts the Puritan quest for a reformation in preachers and preaching and how the Westminster Assembly fit into that movement. He examines the assembly’s reform efforts, tracing debates and exploring key documents about preaching in a way that both highlights disagreements within the assembly’s ranks and showcases their collective plan for the church going forward. Moreover, Van Dixhoorn reveals the rationale behind the assembly’s writings and reforms, both in terms of biblical exegesis and practical theology. Unlike any other book, God’s Ambassadors draws attention to the lengths to which the Westminster Assembly would go in promoting godly preachers and improved preaching.


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