RHB EBOOKS – Full List

Full EBOOK List – Reformation Heritage Books


Anyabwile, Thabiti M.

Captivated: Beholding the Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

May We Meet in the Heavenly World: The Piety of Lemuel Haynes ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Bakker, Frans

The Everlasting Word ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Barrett, Michael P.V.

How Can We Grow in Holiness through Reading the Old Testament? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Next to Last Word: Service, Hope, and Revival in the Postexilic Prophets ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB


Baugus, Bruce P.

China’s Reforming Churches: Mission, Polity, and Ministry in the Next Christendom ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Bavinck, Herman

Saved by Grace: The Holy Spirit’s Work in Calling and Regeneration ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beach, J. Mark

Piety’s Wisdom: A Summary of Calvin’s Institutes with Study Questions ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beaty, David P.

An All-Surpassing Fellowship: Learning from Robert Murray M‘Cheyne’s Communion with God ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R.

The Beauty and Glory of Christ ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Beauty and Glory of Christian Living ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Beauty and Glory of the Father ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Calvin For Today ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Developing a Healthy Prayer Life ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Family at Church ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Family Worship ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Fighting Satan: Knowing His Weaknesses, Strategies, and Defeat ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB

Heirs With Christ: The Puritans on Adoption ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Can I Cultivate Private Prayer? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Can I Practice Christian Meditation? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Do We Plant Godly Convictions in Our Children? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Should Men Lead Their Families? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Should Teens Read the Bible? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Meet the Puritans ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Milk and Honey: A Daily Devotional ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Portraits of Faith: What Five Biblical Characters Teach Us About Our Life with God ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Pulpit Aflame ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Puritan Evangelism: A Biblical Approach ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Revelation – Lection Continua Series ($10.00) –> Amazon RHB

Sing a New Song: Recovering Psalm Singing for the Twenty-First Century ($7.99) –> Amazon RHB

Walking as He Walked ($3.99) –> Amazon RHB

Why Should We Sing Psalms? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Boekestein, William

Why Christ Came: 31 Meditations on the Incarnation ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Boorsma, Heidi

God’s Alphabet for Life: Devotions for Young Children ($3.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Haykin, Michael

How Should We Develop Biblical Friendship? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Jones, Mark

A Habitual Sight of Him: The Christ-Centered Piety of Thomas Goodwin ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life ($14.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Kleyn, Diana

Reformation Heroes ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and La Belle, James

Living by God’s Promises ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB

Living in a Godly Marriage ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB

Living Zealously ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Najapfour, Brian G.

Taking Hold of God: Reformed and Puritan Prespectives on Prayer ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Slachter, Terry D.

Encouragement for Today’s Pastors: Help from the Puritans ($3.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Smalley, Paul

One Man and One Woman: Marriage and Same-Sex Relations ($3.99) –> Amazon RHB

Prepared by Grace, for Grace: The Puritans on God’s Way of Leading Sinners to Christ ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Thomas, Derek W. H.

The Holy Spirit and Reformed Spirituality: A Tribute to Geoffrey Thomas ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Joel R. and Williams, Garry J.

Calvin: Theologian and Reformer ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB


Beeke, Mary

The Law of Kindness: Serving with Heart and Hands ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB


Benge, Dustin W.

A Journey Toward Heaven: Daily Devotions from the Sermons of Jonathan Edwards ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Lifting up Our Hearts: 150 Selected Prayers from John Calvin ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Sweetly Set on God: The Piety of David Brainerd ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB



Family Worship Bible Guide ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible ($20.00) –> Amazon RHB


Bilkes, Gerald M.

Glory Veiled and Unveiled: A Heart Searching Look at Christ’s Parables ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB

Memoirs of the Way Home: Ezra and Nehemiah as a Call to Conversion ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Mercy Revealed: A Cross-Centered Look at Christ’s Miracles ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB


Bogosh, Christopher W.

Compassionate Jesus: Rethinking the Christian’s Approach to Modern Medicine ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB


Borgman, Brian and Ventura, Rob

Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB


Brakel, Wilhelmus A

The Christian’s Reasonable Service ($59.99) –> Amazon RHB


Bredenhof, Wes

To Win Our Neighbors for Christ: The Missiology of the Three Forms of Unity ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Brett, Murray

Growing Up In Grace: The Use of Means for Communion with God ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB


Brown, John (of Wamphray)

Christ: The Way, the Truth, and the Life ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Godly Prayer and Its Answers ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Burgess, Anthony

Faith Seeking Assurance ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Burroughs, Jeremiah

Contentment, Prosperity, and God’s Glory ($3.99) –> Amazon RHB


Casselli, Stephen J.

Divine Rule Maintained: Anthony Burgess, Covenant Theology, and the Place of the Law in Reformed Scholasticism ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Cosby, Brian H.

Suffering and Sovereignty: John Flavel and the Puritans on Afflictive Providence ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Dennison, James T., Jr.

Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English Translation 1523-1693 ($89.99) –> Amazon RHB


Duke, Roger and Newton, Phil

Venture All for God: The Piety of John Bunyan ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Elshout, Arie

This Do in Remembrance of Me ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB


Embry, Adam

An Honest and Well-Experienced Heart: The Piety of John Flavel ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Keeper of the Great Seal of Heaven: Sealing of the Spirit in the Life and Thought of John Flavel ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB


Ferguson, Sinclair

Church History 101: The Highlights of Twenty Centuries ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Fesko, John V.

The Rule of Love: Broken, Fulfilled, and Applied ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Songs of a Suffering King: The Grand Christ Hymn of Psalms 1–8 ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Who Is Jesus? Knowing Christ through His “I Am” Sayings ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Flavel, John

Triumphing Over Sinful Fear ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Word, Water, and Spirit: A Reformed Perspective on Baptism ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Fox, John

Time and the End of Time: Discourses on Redeeming the Time and Considering Our Latter End ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Fraser, J. Cameron

Developments in Biblical Counseling ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB


Gale, Stanley D.

Finding Forgiveness: Discovering the Healing Power of the Gospel ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB

A Vine-Ripened Life: Spiritual Fruitfulness through Abiding in Christ ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB

Why Must We Forgive? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Garretson, James M.

An Able and Faithful Ministry: Samuel Miller and the Pastoral Office ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

A Scribe Well-Trained: Archibald Alexander and the Life of Piety ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Thoughts on Preaching and Pastoral Ministry: Lessons from the Life and Writings of James W. Alexander ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Gouge, William

Building a Godly Home, Vol. 1: A Holy Vision for Family Life ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Building a Godly Home, Vol. 2: A Holy Vision for a Happy Marriage ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Building a Godly Home, Vol. 3: A Holy Vision for Raising Children ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Greenhill, William

Stop Loving the World ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Grosse, Alexander

The Happiness of Enjoying and Making a True and Speedy Use of Christ ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Hamilton, Ian

What Is Experiential Calvinism? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Haykin, Michael

A Consuming Fire: The Piety of Alexander Whyte ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

A Sweet Flame: Piety in the Letters of Jonathan Edwards ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Haykin, Michael and Brooker, Darrin R.

Christ is All: The Piety of Horatius Bonar ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Haweis, Thomas

The Communicant’s Spiritual Companion ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Henry, Philip

Christ All In All: What Christ is Made to Believers ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Hyde, Daniel R.

God with Us: Knowing the Mystery of Who Jesus Is ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB

In Defense of the Descent: A Response to Contemporary Critics ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Why Should I Fast? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Hyde, Daniel R. and Lems, Shane

Planting, Watering, Growing: Planting Confessionally Reformed Churches in the 21st Century ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Jackson, L. Charles

Riots, Revolutions, and the Scottish Covenanters: The Work of Alexander Henderson ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Jung, Joanne J.

Godly Conversation: Rediscovering the Puritan Practice of Conference ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Junius, Franciscus

A Treatise on True Theology with the Life of Franciscus Junius ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Klauber, Martin I.

The Theology of the French Reformed Churches ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Kelderman, Donna

Seasons of the Heart: A Year of Devotions from One Generation of Women to Another ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Kranendonk, David H.

Teaching Predestination: Elnathan Parr and Pastoral Ministry in Early Stuart England ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Martin, Albert N.

The Forgotten Fear: Where Have All the God-Fearers Gone? ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB

Preaching in the Holy Spirit ($3.99) –> Amazon RHB


Mathes, Glenda

Discovering Delight: 31 Meditations on Loving God’s Law ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

A Month of Sundays: 31 Meditations on Resting in God ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


McGoldrick, James

Presbyterian and Reformed Churches: A Global History ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


McGraw, Ryan M.

By Good and Necessary Consequence ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Christ’s Glory, Your Good: Salvation Planned, Promised, Accomplished, and Applied ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Day of Worship: Reassessing the Christian Life in Light of the Sabbath ($7.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Foundation of Communion with God: The Trinitarian Piety of John Owen  ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Can I Remember and Practice the Bible ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Do Preaching and Corporate Prayer Work Together? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

How Should I Manage Time? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Is the Trinity Practical? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

What Is a Christian? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Why Should You Deny Yourself? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


McGraw, Ryan M. and Speck, Ryan

Is Church Membership Biblical? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Murray, David

Christians Get Depressed Too ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Owen, John

Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

Rules for Walking in Fellowship ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Payne, Jon D. and Heck, Sebastian

A Faith Worth Teaching: The Heidelberg Catechism’s Enduring Heritage ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Perkins, William

The Works of William Perkins, Vol. 1 ($25.00) –> Amazon RHB

The Works of William Perkins, Vol 2 ($25.00) –> Amazon RHB

The Works of William Perkins, Vol 3 ($25.00) –> Amazon RHB


Pipa, Joseph A., Jr.

Is the Lord’s Day For You? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Roberts, Maurice

The Mysteries of God ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB

Union and Communion with Christ ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

What Does It Mean to Love God? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Rowe, Lesley A.

The Life and Times of Arthur Hildersham: Prince among Puritans ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Saldenus, Guilelmus and Brakel, Wilhemus à

In Remembrance of Him: Profiting from the Lord’s Supper ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Saxton, David W.

God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Schaefer, Paul

The Spiritual Brotherhood: Cambridge Puritans and the Nature of Christian Piety ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Schortinghuis, Wilhelmus

Essential Truths in the Heart of a Christian ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Selvaggio, Anthony

Meet Martin Luther: A Sketch of the Reformer’s Life ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Seven Signs: Seeing the Glory of Christ in the Gospel of John ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Simpson, Phillip L.

A Life of Gospel Peace: A Biography of Jeremiah Burroughs ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Smart, Robert Davis; Haykin, Michael A.G. and Clary, Ian Hugh

Pentecostal Outpourings: Revival and the Reformed Tradition ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Spear, Wayne R.

Covenanted Uniformity in Religion: Covenanted Uniformity in Religion ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Swinnock, George

The Blessed and Boundless God ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Fading of the Flesh and the Flourishing of Faith ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Thomas, Geoffrey

The Holy Spirit ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

How do I Kill Remaining Sin? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Turley, Tanner G.

Heart to Heart: Octavius Winslow’s Experimental Preaching ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Udemans, Godefridus

The Practice of True Faith, Hope and Love ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Van Asselt, Willem J.

Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Van Dam, Cornelis

The Deacon: The Biblical Roots and the Ministry of Mercy Today ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


VanderGroe, Theodorus

The Christian’s Only Comfort in Life and Death: An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism ($30.00) –> Amazon RHB


VanDoodewaard, William

The Marrow Controversy and Seceder Tradition: Atonement, Saving Faith, and the Gospel Offer in Scotland ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Quest for the Historical Adam: Genesis, Hermeneutics, and Human Origins ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


van Lodenstein, Jodocus

A Spiritual Appeal to Christ’s Bride ($7.99) –> Amazon RHB


Venema, Cornelis P.

Children at the Lord’s Table?: Assessing the Case for Paedocommunion ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Lord’s Supper and the ‘Popish Mass’: A Study of Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 80 ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Ventura, Rob and Walker, Jeremy

A Portrait of Paul: Identifying a True Minister of Christ ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Vincent, Nathaniel

Turn and Live ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Vogan, Matthew

The King in His Beauty: The Piety of Samuel Rutherford ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB


Walker, Jeremy

The Brokenhearted Evangelist ($7.99) –> Amazon RHB

Life in Christ: Becoming and Being a Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB

Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

What is Repentance? ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB


Washer, Paul

The Gospel of Jesus Christ ($2.99) –> Amazon RHB

Gospel Assurance and Warnings ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Gospel Call and True Conversion ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

The Gospel’s Power and Message ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Watts, Malcolm

What Is a Reformed Church? ($5.99) –> Amazon RHB


Winslow, Octavius

Morning Thoughts ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB

Our God ($7.99) –> Amazon RHB


Wong, Priscilla

Anne Steele and Her Spiritual Vision ($7.99) –> Amazon RHB


Woolsey, Andrew

Unity and Continuity in Covenantal Thought: a Study in the Reformed Tradition to the Westminster Assembly ($9.99) –> Amazon RHB


Yuille, J. Stephen

A Labor of Love: Puritan Pastoral Priorities ($7.49) –> Amazon RHB

Living Blessedly Forever: The Sermon on the Mount and the Puritan Piety of William Perkins ($6.99) –> Amazon RHB

Trading and Thriving in Godliness: The Piety of George Swinnock ($4.99) –> Amazon RHB