Experimental Evidence

Experimental Evidence

I have been informed that not long ago a certain infidel lecturer gave an opportunity to persons to reply to him after oration, and he was of course expecting that one or two rashly zealous young men would rise to advance the common arguments for Christianity, which he was quite prepared, by hook or crook, to battle with or laugh down.

Instead of reasoners, an old lady, carrying a basket, wearing an ancient bonnet, and altogether dressed in an antique fashion, which marked both her age and her poverty, came upon the platform.

Putting down her basket and umbrella, she began and said, “I paid threepence to hear of something better than Jesus Christ, and I have not heard it. Now, let me tell you what religion has done for me, and then tell me something better, or else you’ve cheated me out of the threepence which I paid to come in. Now,” she said, “I have been a widow thirty years, and I was left with ten children, and I trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ in the depth of poverty, and he appeared for me and comforted me, and helped me to bring up my children so that they have grown up and turned out respectable. None of you can tell what the troubles of a poor lone woman are, but the Lord has made his grace all-sufficient. I was often very sore pressed, but my prayers were heard by my Father in heaven, and I was always delivered. Now, you are going to tell me something better than that – better for a poor woman like me! I have been to the Lord sometimes when I’ve been very low indeed, and there’s been scarcely anything for us to eat, and I’ve always found his providence has been good and kind to me. And when I lay very sick, I thought I was dying, and my heart was ready to break at leaving my poor fatherless boys and girls, and there was nothing kept me up but the thought of Jesus and his faithful love to my poor soul; and you tell me that it was all nonsense. Those who are young and foolish may believe you, but after what I have gone through I know there is a reality in religion and it is no fancy. Tell me something better than what God has done for me, or else, I tell you, you have cheated me out of my threepence. Tell me something better.”

The lecturer was a good hand at an argument, but such a mode of controversy was novel, and therefore he gave up the contest, and merely said, “Really, the dear old woman was so happy in her delusion he should not like to undeceive her.” “No,” she said, “that won’t do. Truth is truth, and your laughing can’t alter it. Jesus Christ has been all this to me, and I could not sit down in the hall and hear you talk against him without speaking up for him, and asking you whether you could tell me something better than what he has done for me. Ive tried and proved him, and that’s more than you have.”

Herein is power, logic invincible, reasoning not to be gainsayed. The testing, and proving of God; getting his love really shed abroad in the heart, this is the great internal evidence of the gospel.

Feathers for Arrows
Charles Spurgeon
Gospel truths are like arrows designed to penetrate the hearts of men. And as Charles H. Spurgeon knew, gospel truths fly straighter and truer when fletched with appropriately placed illustrations. In fact, Spurgeon would carry a notebook with him so that he could jot down useful metaphors and anecdotes whenever he ran across them. In Feathers for Arrows, Spurgeon offers preachers and teachers access to some of the illustrations that he collected over the course of his ministry. If you are a pastor or teacher and are looking for illustrations, improve your message with choice feathers from the prince of preachers.