Great Faith | Frans Bakker

That he was worthy for whom he should do this…for I am not worthy that thou shouldest enter under my roof…. I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. —Luke 7:4, 6, 9

The elders of the Jews come to the Lord Jesus to ask Him to heal a sick servant of a Roman centurion. They give a good testimony of this centurion and say that he is worthy of this benefit. Jesus listens and goes to visit the man’s house with these Jews. But as the Lord is on His way the centurion sends some friends with a message for the Savior. Through these friends the centurion says, “I am not worthy, Lord, that Thou shouldest enter under my roof.” His meek and humble attitude pleases the Lord.

In these verses there is a third testimony. Its importance is paramount for it comes from the Lord Jesus. What does the Lord Jesus say of this centurion? It is important to see here that the Lord does not say that he was such a good man. In God’s eyes no one is good, no not one. All the good that was in this man was only the fruit of Christ’s work in him. The apostle Paul would say it this way: “By grace I am who I am.”

The centurion is not praised because of his qualities but only because of his faith. Faith looks away from self and rejects one’s own qualities. The centurion had a true faith, a humble faith, but also a great faith. His faith was so great because he expected great things of God, and such little things of himself. He thought so small of himself. The less people think of themselves, the higher God regards them. God does not reject those who reject themselves; there is still grace in Christ for such people.

God did not speak one word to Christ as He was hanging on the cross. The crucifixion account occurred. All this happened, so that there would still be a word of God for unworthy people. But one has to learn to hear that word through the Scriptures. We may not have any rest until we receive this word in our soul. And, therefore, the third question of this passage begs, “What does the Lord say about you?” Oh reader, does He testify of you that you have true faith? This is the decisive matter in life.

Frans Bakker, The Everlasting Word