The Christian’s Pilgrimage

I walk as one who knows that he is treading

A stranger soil;

As one round whom a serpent-world is spreading

Its subtle coil.


I walk as one but yesterday delivered

From a sharp chain;

Who trembles lest the bond so newly severed

Be bound again.


I walk as one who feels that he is breathing

Ungenial air;

For whom as wiles, the tempter still is wreathing

The bright and fair.


My steps, I know, are on the plains of danger,

For sin is near;

But looking up, I pass along, a stranger,

In haste and fear.


This earth has lost its power to drag me downward;

Its spell is gone;

My course is now right upward, and right onward,

To yonder throne.


Hour after hour of time’s dark night is stealing

In gloom away;

Speed thy fair dawn of light, and joy, and healing

Thou Star of Day!


For thee its God, its King, the long-rejected,

Earth groans and cries;

For thee the long-beloved, the long-expected,

Thy bride still sighs!

– Horatius Bonar