life gospelA Life of Gospel Peace: A Biography of Jeremiah Burroughs

(Review in Banner of Truth by Jeremy Walker)

A lot of people have heard of Burroughs, a reasonable number have read Burroughs, but not many know much about Burroughs. Simpson sets us straight! This is an outstanding biography, dealing carefully and sensitively with periods about which there is little information, but building up a coherent portraits of the man. As Burroughs achieves a little more prominence there is more to work with, and by the time Simpson is handling the material from the Westminster Assembly, his character and convictions are clear, and his reputation as a peacemaker is gracefully adorned by the facts. The various facets of Burroughs’ life as a servant of Christ became apparent: student, preacher, pastor, teacher, exile, debater, author, all of them conducted as a man thoroughly governed by the Holy Spirit. Burroughs shows us that conviction and kindness are not incompatible, that a man can be at once vigorously principled and graciously peaceable. Those who love Burroughs already will want to read this; those who read this will be eager for his sermons and expositions. Quite apart from his labours, the life is a lesson in itself, and one to be earnestly heeded.